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List of abbreviations lubrication equipment

Short cut   Description
a   outer
ABM   dimensions
AD   outside diameter, in millimetres
ABH   dispensing tap
BA   jaws
BHHP   lever operated gun for concrete works
BSF   British Standard Fine/Whitworth thread, quality: fine
D1   funnel type grease nipple, 180°, straight
D1 a   funnel grease nipple, 180° straight, blow-in nipple
DIN   German Standards Institute
DLFP   Air operated grease guns
DN   inner diameter, in millimetres
DW   double-acting
DWMP   double-acting brass pump
EAN-Code   European Item Numering System (barcode)
EF   calibratable
EHFP   one hand grease gun
EP   extreme-pressure lubricants
ESN   drive-fit nipple
EWKP   single-acting plastic pump
EWMP   single-acting brass pump
EWZP   single-acting zinc die casted
F   self-tapping threads
FA   flat design
FLA   flexspout
FLMA   flexible metal outlet
G   Whitworth Pipe Thread, cylindrical ISO 228 (DIN 259)
GDE   container
GS   tested security
H1   hydraulic grease nipple, 180°, straight
H1 a   tapered lubricating equipment 180°, straight, (blow-in nipple)
H2   hydraulic grease nipple, 45°
H2 a   tapered lubricating nipple, 45°, (blow-in nipple)
H3   hydraulic grease nipple, 90°
H3 a   tapered lubricating nipple, 90°, (blow-in nipple)
HD   high pressure
HHFP   manual lever grease gun
HHFP-DG   manual level grease gun with closed cover, not removable
HHÖP   oil press designed as manual lever gun
i   inside
ILN   international location number
ISO VG   International Organization for Standardization
K1   ball grease nipple, 180°, straight
KK   plastic canister
  diameter of head
LBH   length x width x height, in millimetres
LGA   Bavarian Trade Supervision, Nuremberg
M   metric thread, cylindrical DIN 13
M1   flat lubrication nipple, 16 mm, round head
M22   flat lubrication nipple, 22 mm, round head
M4   flat lubrication nipple, 10 mm, round head
MU   spout
NEF   not capable of calibration
NLGI   viscosity class 000 to 6, as defined by National Lubricating Grease Institute, USA
NPS   National Straight Pipe, non-sealing pressure-resistant cylindrical pipe thread
NPSF   National Straight Pipe, sealing pressure-resistant cylindrical pipe thread
NPT   National Taper Pipe, non-sealing pressure-resistant tapered pipe thread
NPTF   National Taper Pipe Fuel and Oil, sealing pressure-resistant tapered pipe thread
ÖDT   oil can funnel
PTF   Pipe Taper Fuel and Oil / sealing pressure-resistant tapered pipe thread
R   Whitworth thread, tapered, similar to DIN 3858
RST   special description for high steel quality
S   thickness
SAE   division of viscosity classes for automotive lubricants by Society of Automotive Engineers
SB   self service
SF   mounting area for wrenches
SFG   self-tapping thread
SK   hexagon
SKK   hexagonal head
SRL   suction pipe length, following figures always in mm
STAK   steel outlet bend
SW   key width
T1/B   flat lubrification nipple, 16 mm, hexagonal head
TÜV   Technical Supervision Authority
UN   United Nations
UNF   Unified Fine Thread
Ust.-IdNr.   Turnover tax identification number
UV   ultra-violet
VE   packing unit
VK   square
VZ   galvanised
WAL   angle metal spout
WHIT   Whitworth thread
ZBH   accessories
UN   Vereinte Nationen (United Nations)
UNF   Einheits-Feingewinde (Unified Fine Thread)
Ust.-IdNr.   Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer
UV   ultraviolett
VE   Verpackungseinheit
VSK   Verschlusskappe
VK   Vierkant
WAL   Winkelauslauf
WHIT   Whitworth-Gewinde
ZBH   Zubehör